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  Calls for  Monday, July 26, 2021  



 4-JW for a Regular Call(reg hrs) with TSG 2 at OSU RAF in Dublin,2 at OSU West Campus free on site parking at both. Drug card,OSHA10.                       

 5-JW for a Regular Call(reg hrs) with Mid City at Twin Valley in West Columbus. Drug Card, OSHA 10.         

 18-JW for a Regular Call(5-10's+ 8) with TSG at Project Mustang in New Albany .Drug test,OSHA10, B/G check. (If you want to start this week, leave your name on the jobline and be at the Hall Monday morning at 9am and I will get you to the shop  for an ASAP start!).

  1-JW for a Regular Call(spotty O/T) with Mid City at KDC Groveport. Drug card,OSHA10.

 7- JW for a Regular Call(reg hrs) with Mid City 6 at the new Hilton D/T free parking and 1 for various temp control work. Drug card,OSHA10.

 1-JW for a Regular Call with Axxel Electric at Various locations in Columbus to Lancaster. Drug card,OSHA10, B/G check.7/30 start.


   All calls out of Local 683 require 2 forms of ID and a voided check for direct deposit.