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July Retirees Meeting

This months meting will be held at Gantz Park in Grove City. It will be our annual Picnic for the members. The club will provide the food, all you need to do is bring a dessert. Please RSVP to: Bob Garich at 614-277-9624 by July 11th, so he will be able to purchase the food. Among the discussions at this meeting will be a day trip in August to the National Veterans Memorial and Museum at 300 W. Broad St. If you are a Veteran your admission is FREE, otherwise Seniors will pay $15.00. We will also discuss car pooling and if there is a fee for parking, it can be taken out of our treasury. Hope you will be able to attend this meeting! I will be on vacation in Florida, but Bob Garich will have any information to share.

Thank you, Sharron Liston, Secretary 683 Retirees and Widows Club.

The next retirees meeting will be held at the union hall on May 21st. It will be a pot luck luncheon starting at noon. Topics for discussion will be hosting a breakfast for members of 683 retirees for the month of June (normally we would be having our annual picnic at Gantz Park in Grove City, but the shelter is under construction). Chuck is planning an August day trip, so com and see where we might be going?!
If you still haven't paid your yearly dues for 2019, please send a check for $10.00 per member to: Sharron Liston, 4049 Anthony Ct. S., Whitehall Ohio, 43213.
If you have any information of a member being sick or having passed away, please let me know.
Thank you, Sharron Liston, Secretary 683 Retirees

     We are into 2019, and of course, we have to endure the on and off nasty weather. We hope everyone is staying safe and are patiently waiting for SPRING!
     We had a good, informative February meeting and had a fairly nice day to get out.
     We will be having pizza, salad and subs at the March 19th meeting. If you plan on attending, contact Bob Garich at 614-560-5947 or email Sharron Liston at
     We will NOT be having nomination of officers at the March 19th meeting. Our by-laws state state that we have election of officers in the even years every 2 years, so election of officers will be in 2020.
     Here is our schedule, so far this year:
                    March 19th, 12:00 pm - pizza party in the Retirees room
                    April 16th, 12:00 pm - potluck - Retirees room
                    May 21st, 12:00 pm - potluck - Retirees room
                    June 7th, Chuck Bland Fish Fry - Union Hall
                    July 16th, 12:00 pm - Annual Picnic at Gantz Park
                    August - NO MEETING
                    Sept. 17th, 12:00 pm - Annual Wiener Roast at Gantz Park
     This Schedule or parts thereof are subject to change as we are in planning stages for activities.
     The 2019 Retirees Club's dues are due, $10.00 per person, per year. Please send to Sharron Liston or mail to the Union Hall in care of Retirees Club.
     We are in the process of planning to have several breakfasts during this year and we are working out the details and you will be notified.
Look on the website, your email or call and we will keep everyone updated.
     There has not been any reported sicknesses, except for Bob Farrington, who had a knee replacement and is in therapy. Our best wishes and prayers for him. If you know of any retiree who is sick, afflicted or has had an accident, please let anyone in the retirees club know.
     Please call if you plan on coming to the pizza party.
"The ballot is stronger than the bullet" - Abraham Lincoln
               Chuck Thompson - President L.U. 683 Retirees Club 

Velvet Ice Cream trip