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IBEW Local 683
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Is your employer against being Union?

Your employer would not do a job without a contract

A contract that spell out all the terms and conditions. One that protects their interests and offers the best language then can bargain for.

You should not do a job without a contract

As part of a union you have trained professionals and strength in numbers to help you pursue the best working agreement available. You also have collective bargaining rights to ensure your contract is Negotiated in good faith. A union contract is in writing and is enforceable.

Your employer believes in belonging to organizations

Most contractors believe in organizations that advance their position and influence others. They belong to business and management groups. These organizations exist because employers know there is strength in numbers and that they all benefit collectively.

A Worker's Union exists for the same reason

The union protects the welfare of the members and advances workers’ causes. People in groups have more power than individuals. Unions also offer representation and training. Without Unions who would speak for the employees?

Your employer wants more

They want to earn a decent living for their hard work. They want to provide for their families with good insurance, retirement, and other opportunities. They value being respected as professionals.

You deserve the same respect and opportunities

You deserve representation, benefits, and a voice. Your concerns and needs are important too! You deserve the same things as your employer for your hard work. Join with us to improve your livelihood and your life. Stand up for yourself, your co-workers and your family. 

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