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Lost Key? We found a single key on the sidewalk near the meeting hall entrance on Wednesday. If you think it's yours, call the Union Hall.

Another year, another Fish Fry! We hope everyone in attendance had a great time. The Committee did an excellent job keeping everything running and everyone hydrated.

There are 2 winning raffle tickets out there:

50/50 ($905): Green Ticket - 085278. Contact William Carpenter or the Union hall to collect.

Buck Knife: Yellow Ticket - 089489. Contact Jeff Deckard or the Union Hall to collect as well.

The AFL-CIO wants to know “What you care about?” as Union Members in the link below. Please take a few minutes to take the survey and share your opinion.        

The 2022-2023 Course Schedule for the Electrical Trades Center has been added to our website. These courses are available to IBEW Local 683 members.